best synthetic urine reviewThere are many guides online to find the best synthetic urine for drug test. Most of them are actually good, but there are some fake synthetic urine reviews. When you read these synthetic urine reviews you can see which one is real and what are the paid advertisements of promotional posts. Trust me guys, its not that hard to spot fake reviews.

Fake synthetic urine reviews and detox product promotions

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many fake synthetic urine reviews, they usually push products like “the monkey whizz synthetic urine” or Quick Fix. Actually both products are great, but they ignore every other products. This is the better scenario, because like I said these products are good, but there are so many crap fake urine for drug test what are just yellow colored water without chemicals, smell, balanced PH level. Without these compenents its can not be called synthetic urine. Do not buy 10$products like urine like and P sure. Magnum is also a crap, even if its quite popular its still remain a crap.

NOT recommended synthetic urine brands:

The list is not complete because I haven’t tested them all, and I dont wanna post fake information,

so here is my personal NO-NO list of synthetic urine:

  • Magnum Synthetic urine
  • P Sure
  • Clean Stream Synthetic urine
  • Agent X
  • U pass
  • Urine Luck
  • Ultra Pure
  • Tinkle Nature’s urine

So like I said the list is not complete, but these are probably the most well known low quality fake pee kits for drug test. Avoid them at all cost.

Magnum and U pass might can work, but just if you are lucky enough. If your employer orders the cheapest urine drug test possible, then you will pass it with Magnum synthetic urine or U pass mostlikely. However, if he orders a more complex one, then you are busted.

The Best Synthetic urine

In my opinion Sub Solution and Quick fix synthetic urine are the best synthetic urine brands in 2017. Both fake urine comes with urea,uric acid,balanced PH levels and a lot more different chemicals what are essential to pass a 10 panel drug test. These synthetic urine brands are basically undetectable. They even have perfect color, smell and some foam on the top. If you have to decide between them, Sub Solution is the number 1 synthetic urine. The only drawback is the avability.

Sub Solution is not available in smoke shops, you need to buy it online and shipping might take a couple of business days (depends on your location). If its a random drug test and you have 24 hours or less to pass the drug test, then go with Quick fix 6.1 , its the latest formula (do not buy old, expired synthetic urine from amazon) and available in many headshops in every state.

Synthetic urine brands that I tested and work:

  1. Sub Soltuin synthetic urine
  2. Quick Fix 6.1 (latest formula with uric acid and urea)
  3. Monkey Whizz synthetic urine

These are my go to brands, if sub soltuion is out of stock then Quick for or monkey whizz, doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will pass your test with ease.

If you are looking for synthetic urine reviews I highly suggest Michael Boron’s youtube channel, he is some kind of drug testing guru. He covers everything on his youtube channel. How to pass a urine , hair, salive or blood drug test. I have watched all of his videos and he has a great knowledge on this topic. Here is a fake urine review from him:

Its just a short overview of the available synthetic urine brands on the market, if you are looking for a more indepth article about it, you can check’s synthetic urine reviews

If you have any question , regarding using fake pee for drug test or anything related to detox products, then feel free to message me or leave a comment below.

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There are tons of fake synthetic urine reviews online, I am sure you have seen some already. Its actually normal because you will find fake reviews on any kind of product. The owner/seller of the product wants to sell as much as possible and in order to sell a lot they need to gain trust.

The easiest and fastest way is to create some fake profiles and strat praising their own product. If the product owner have affiliates then they will do the job for him. Lets say if I promote U pass synthetic urine then I will write a nice short review of U pass synthetic urine and post it on as many forums/blogs as possible, if a visitor click on the affiliate link, then I will get comission after every product sold.

How to sport fake synthetic urine reviews

I think its not hard to spot these reviews. These are usually all very similar, they do not go in depth, do not tell the whole story with all the details, just ” yes I used Quick fix Synthetic urine” and passed the test with flying colors. Do not mention details of the testing room, about the heating process, after how many day did he get the phone call from the lab etc…I think its pretty easy to spot fake product reviews, not just for synthetic urine but for any urine.

Fake amazon reviews

Amazon product reviews are mostly fake, there are services for fake reviews, they pay 1-2 dollar for each fake urine review and done.There are hundreds of fake accounts available for this, all the accounts has buying history and these accounts are aged. I suggest you to do not buy synthetic urine from amazon or ebay. There are so many problem with those sellers. Some sells fake or expired synthetic urine. Yes synthetic urine can expire, thats why is important to buy it from trusted source.

Where to buy synthetic urine with legit reviews?

There are a few online shops where you can buy synthetic urine without worrying at all, these shops use the same profit margin like other sellers, so you won’t pay more than its necessary. You can also check out some smal personal blogs, if the blog is legit and wasn’t set up just to promote some products then go ahed click on their link and purchase the product. Buying from them or from the manufacturer won’t make any differance, you pay the same, and he gets a small % as a comission.

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I wanted to give you guys a quick U pass synthetic urine review, because its a popular brand and I recieved tons of messages related to U pass. I personally wouldnt recommend it for drug test (you know there are other ways to use synthetic urine), because there are much better alternatives. Sub Solution, Quick fix and Monkey Whizz are much better fake urine brands, the only good thing about U pass synthetic urine is its available in every smoke shop, so even if its an SOS situation and you need some synthetic urine, then probably U pass will be available.

However Quick Fix synthetic urine is also available in every headshops, so if you can choose always choose Quick Fix synthetic urine over U pass. So yeah..thats it, you might want to check this U pass synthetic urine review for more details:

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Have you heard about the term, “contact high”? Contact high is the “high” of the feeling of intoxication you get when you are exposed to second hand cannabis smoke. It could be a friend or a relative smoking a joint with you around (and you never even as much as touching it!) and you could still feel like you smoked some yourself.

The smoke that causes you to get high can also raise the levels of the drug in your urine and cause you to fail a drug test.

However, it is difficult for passive smoke to actually show up in urinalysis but if you are heavily exposed to the smoke for a long time because someone around you smokes pot frequently, then things could ruin your career.
Cannabis is the most commonly used drug and is also very easy to identify in a urinalysis. In fact, urine drug tests can detect the THC metabolites in your urine sample from several weeks ago. If you do not smoke pot and are worried that you might have been exposed to enough smoke for your test to turn out positive for weed, you should get a self tester kit to see if the drug has made appearances in your urine stream.

It is not a common sight to see someone failing a drug test because of second hand smoke primarily because passive smoke tends to make its entry into your system under very limited conditions.
The room you are in is not well ventilated – for passive smoke to actually make way into your system and affect the THC levels in your blood and urine, the room you must be in should be unventilated. This means that most of the air that you are exposed to is full of the smoke and the major inhalation is of the same.

However, if you can ensure that the space is well ventilated (like you ask your friends to sit outdoors and smoke), you will not feel contact high and the drug will not make appearances on your test result.

The people in the room are producing lots of smoke – if you are in an unventilated space and the people in the room are not smoking too much, chances of the smoke affecting your system are a bit low.

Thus, if you are around someone who smokes a lot and the place is not ventilated well enough, chances are that you might have THC metabolites in your body but their levels may not be as high as required for one to fail a drug test. All in all, if you have a job which requires you to be completely drug free then remember to stay away from those who smoke blunt because it is possible to test positive by simply inhaling second hand smoke in large quantities.

If THC is present in your system and I suggest you to choose detox drinks or synthetic urine. Both ways are safe and relatively cheap.

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Why are drug tests conducted in so many companies? What is their relevance and how are they important? Since the employers need to protect the growth and good records of the company, they have to conduct drug tests to keep those out who might become counterproductive. What happens when you fail a drug test? Could you be facing some severe and legal consequences?

Or could it be just that you end up losing your existing job or do not pass the interview at all? The deal is that it cannot be predicted. It is next to impossible to make an accurate guess of what would actually happen in case you do not pass a drug test as things vary from company to company.

However, if you want a general idea of what happens in case you test positive for certain drugs (which might be illegal as well) then read on.

Many people, on getting called out for testing positive for certain drugs on a test, become worried that there would be certain legal action taken against them for their use of illegal substance.

However, most people can stop worrying about going to jail because in case you do fail the drug test, the results will not be reported to any law enforcement agency. In fact, in most states like Alaska, Connecticut, Iowa, Florida, and Kansas, the privacy of the employees being tested is guaranteed by the law and the employers failing to abide to this law can face certain consequences.

Despite this, you can get fired for failing a drug test because of the company’s policies and there is nothing any outside agency can do about it.

It is natural that after losing a job, one goes on the search for a next job. How do you explain your departure from the previous company? Sometimes, the former employer can cook up another reason for your loss of job instead of the real one (failing a drug test) which might help you with the new interviewer. However, it has been observed that most employers do find out about the reality and would feel betrayed because you lied to them in the very beginning.

This can cause them to become suspicious of you and create tense environment for you at the workplace. Many a times, the former employer refuses to come up with a false reason and lists the fact of your expulsion just as it is. In such cases, you will have to explain the act of failing the drug test to new companies and this will make the prospective employers perceive you as an irresponsible person who cannot be trusted with important tasks.

Staying honest, however, can be helpful but in no way is a failed drug test going to sit well on your resume.

What happens when you fail a drug test? Nothing good so you know you need to pass it!

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The world is turning out to be a place of various inventions and there is no doubt these latest inventions are helping the mankind in various different ways. One of the most amazing inventions is the synthetic urine.

So what is synthetic urine?

Basically, the synthetic urine is an artificially synthesized substance that usually imitates the various compositions, appearance as well as the properties of human urine. However, although the synthetic urine is used in the laboratories for various calibration of urine screening equipment, in another usage, the synthetic urine is used as an effective way to pass the drug and urine tests done for various reasons.

What is the synthetic urine made of?

The synthetic urine is made of the same elements that human urine has – ammonia, phosphates, sulfate along with the same pH and specific gravity.

Why is the synthetic urine created?

Generally, the human urine isn’t really a good formula to calibrate and it isn’t an easy thing to do. It isn’t a suitable option for the calibration of the drug testing equipment as each human being has different as well as very specific composition for their urine due to the genetic predisposition.

However, apart from the basic needs, the liquid nowadays have many other different purposes such as being used as a tool of successful drug test result.

So does this work?

If you are using the quality and proper synthetic urine which has the right kind of formula there is no fear for using the same. It works perfectly well. Most online and retail or local stores also keep the identity of the buyer hidden if you want them to.

When it comes to passing the drug test, the synthetic urine does the job perfectly done and you don’t have to worry about any other issues. However, make sure to keep an eye on the temperature of the urine, when used – it should be about 98 degrees F.

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